Corporate Entertainment That’s Flat-Out Engaging & Oh-So Memorable

Annual banquets, fundraisers, conferences – Larry G. Jones’ corporate entertainment makes all event planners look great!

With rave reviews from the press and from clients Larry’s entertainment show doesn’t disappoint! He never fails to connect, to inspire laughter, and totally wow the crowd with his unique and award-winning show.


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From unbelievable impersonations to moving musical renditions and right-on comedy, Larry’s entertaining show weaves in all the essential elements of truly great entertainment: laughter, universal appeal, a range of emotions, a musical bedrock, and impeccable, spot-on timing for getting the message through.


Imagine Your Guests Rolling In The Aisle With Laughter

Larry covers a lot of ground in his shows, but one thing that’s guaranteed is laughter. Lots of it! And as everyone knows, laughter is the universal language of human connections, which is why Larry’s shows are so incredibly engaging.

Larry will show your group a fun time that will stay in their hearts and minds long after the show has ended. He covers any topic with humor and a human-centered perspective that anyone can relate’s the basis of his comedy and the genius of his wit!

A Passion For Corporate Entertainment

When you love what you do, as Larry has for over 25 years, it’s a passion that shines through everything you do. Sure enough, Larry’s shows are wonderful, distilled demonstrations of what happens when you combine incredible talent with pure passion for entertaining an audience.

How else can you be that good for over 25 years?

Larry’s so good, he can make audiences laugh without resorting to profanity, vulgarity, or anything other than clean corporate entertainment that’s as office-friendly as it is fun to watch.

Larry loves what he does so much, he’s developed over 70 celebrity impersonations along the way and over the years- from George W. Bush to Cher!

Your Audience Engaged!

Audience interaction is just one of the ways he corrals the hearts and minds of everyone attending his show. Other ways he brings everyone into the fold include his uncanny ability to connect with people.

That’s probably due to the fact that he’s not just a funny and talented guy- he’s an insightful human being who’s been through his share of the curve balls that live can throw all of us at one time or another.

Cancer Survivor

Larry has survived cancer, near-drowning, and kidney failure, but leave it to him to extract comedy from those experiences! That’s one reason he’s a wildly popular entertainer in the healthcare industry.

Through his personal experiences as a patient in life and death situations, Larry delivers a first-hand knowledge of the patient experience. Talk about insight for the medical industry.

Ready to make your event a success?