Get Your Group Motivated and Excited with a Custom Entertainment Event to Remember

What do you get when you take award-winning Vegas comedic talent and combine it with someone who has survived Cancer, Drowning, and Kidney failure?

Depending on your needs, Larry can customize a keynote entertainment program relevant to your company, event theme, mantra, talking points or philosophy that will Energize, Inspire and motivate your guests. Contact us to tell us about the message you’d like to convey.  

Larry’s keynote entertainment program delivers heartfelt emotional engagement with your audience, a connection though real-life struggles we all face, and a first-class performance your group will remember long after the event has ended.

As a Cancer Survivor who was given 6-12 months to live (over 19 years ago!), He's also survived a near-drowning event and life-threatening kidney failure as well. Larry is able to offer his audience a performance that draws from a rare sensitivity to life's struggles and hope for new beginnings.

Superstar Customer Service Program

Larry's strength is in his ability to inject his humor, his talent, and his broad life experience into a 5-star customer service program that speaks to your employees on a level they can relate to.

The Superstar Customer Service Program includes:

Tips on giving great customer service. Got irate customers?  Here's how to maintain your sanity while dealing with even the most impossible of customers... and how to win them over and keep them on, too.

Smile Power. Larry addresses the amazing power of smiling.  Even when things are at rock bottom and we're not performing our best, a smile can turn things around.  Science backs this up, but more importantly: so do a lot of famous celebrities!  Larry drives this message home with his hilarious rendition of "When You're Smiling,"complete with impressive celebrity voices.

How to/How NOT to. This is the segment that is highly customized by Larry for each audience he encounters.  Larry's roll-in-the-aisles with laughter parodies of celebrities performing basic customer service roles conveys his message like nothing else can. Ask for his Axl Rose bit on how NOT to deliver customer service, or his Lady Gaga routine, where she does anything to make her customers happy!

Clients as celebrities. Every audience loves this part, where Larry likens certain customer archetypes to famous people and characters we all know and love (or hate)... imagine Jack Nicholson as 'The Angry Customer!'

Customer service professionals working in person or on the phone will absolutely love this program, because it gives them tools they can use to do better at their jobs, in a way that's highly entertaining and tons of fun.

Ready to make your event a success?